Podcasts, Practice Management Interviews & Bloomberg Market Conversations

Anthony & I talk about the importance of building a brand as an Advisor. How to resonate better with clients and prospects, how to build a better client service mousetrap, and how to get clients to be their outsourced marketing team. Building a book filled with brand evangelists and a practice that’s highly differentiated puts a team on the road to mega-brand status.

Bloomberg interview: VOL will continue. It presents trading opportunities for contrarians. Algo’s & dark pools drive daily market activity so we need to think like them more than we would like but it allows us to use VOL to our advantage & upgrade the portfolio on big down days.

Bloomberg interview: Talking volatility spasms and the likelihood they will stay with us for a while. We talk about how to navigate through VOL and use it to your advantage. VOL rising due to slower growth, Trump tweets and tariff issues.

Investing City Podcast. Ryan Reeves and I talk about how important brand relevancy is to stock selection and why industry analysts miss this important factor driving customer loyalty. We use RH as an example.

Bloomberg interview: Talking about the return of VOL and deteriorating macro data plus how we are positioned to protect capital in rough seas.

Bloomberg interview: Talking market technical and how we approach a more volatile market from a stock selection & positioning perspective.

Bloomberg interview: Talking sentiment in equities and comparing today to what we saw at January’s peak of euphoria. We talk portfolio names and the brands we like best.

Bloomberg interview: Talking consumer after a scary correction and where we see opportunities today. We also talk about sentiment and the euphoric readings seen in late January.

A Meb Faber podcast. In Episode 88, we talk about the stable consumer spending theme, how to track it via the Brands Index and why a portfolio should hold a dedicated allocation to the primary driver of the economy.

Bloomberg interview: Talking old & new tech and where we see opportunities today. Our focus is on high quality balance sheets, cash cows, and stable growth.

Bloomberg interview: Talking retail stocks from the Schwab Conference in Chicago. The have’s and have not’s of retail and how consumers change behavior at different parts of their life cycle.