Eric M. Clark

Brand Strategy. Consumer spending expert. portfolio manager.

I’m a Brand Strategist and an investor in leading global brands. I have 26 years of investment experience, a passion for the consumer and consumer spending trends, and identifying the most relevant blue chip brands serving U.S. and global consumers. It’s ironic how little attention is paid to a theme that accounts for 60% of world GDP. I am only one of a handful of dedicated investors tracking a total addressable market opportunity worth $40+ trillion each year. Investing in the most disruptive, most innovative brands has historically added significant value to a portfolio. Why? These are industry leaders dedicated to an enormous theme, consumer spending, and as their lead grows over peers, the economic moat grows taller and wider.

This knowledge led me to create the Alpha Brands suite of investments powered by an innovative Index called the Alpha Brands Consumer Spending Index. The Alpha Brands suite of investments, in partnership with Accuvest Global Advisors, is designed to identify & invest in today and tomorrow’s most relevant & valuable brands.

Ironically, most traditional financial analysts do not understand the brand and its true value as part of the total market cap making brands and intangible assets an under-followed universe of companies.



I work with large Financial Advisor teams who understand the importance of building their brand and how it can be used in competitive situations. I also work with their largest clients who are business owners themselves. Advisors should consider me to be their outsourced-Brand Strategist. Can you imagine the competitive advantage an Advisor has when the team has an army of experts at their disposal to help clients survive and thrive in a competitive marketplace? If you are an Advisor to business owners, let’s figure out together how we can drive more success for these important clients. Nothing builds an economic moat & referral network like high customer loyalty and satisfaction ratings.


I also work with Brands directly on brand strategy and product development. As an investor in brands, it’s hard not to analyze a company’s strengths and weaknesses and ponder what each company needs to do to generate more revenue, cash flow and attain better returns on invested capital. I love to help brands identify new market opportunities to enhance brand value through my proprietary analysis using the Brand Relevancy scoring system I developed. This brand relevancy audit helps brands identify what they do well and where they may be deficient in the hopes of achieving their True Market Value (TMV).



The key takeaways for brand owners and brand marketers are: companies that invest in building valuable brands grow their topline faster; and organic top-line growth is the greatest determinant of total shareholder return
— BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands Report 2019


Sometimes, the best ideas are born out of frustration with existing options. I recognized that the leading brands were great companies and surprisingly I couldn’t find one equity strategy that dedicated itself to owning the leading brands that were winning our mind and wallet share. The theme is too powerful to ignore and the size of the global consumer spending total addressable market demanded a dedicated allocation in my portfolio. Now everyone can easily invest in global consumerism via the most innovative & disruptive B2C and B2B brands.

In addition, the asset management industry data was very clear:

  • Greater than 85% of active equity funds regularly under perform their benchmarks. Stock picking needed a face lift. I believed I could do better. The Brands portfolio has delivered a better experience.

  • The bulk of equity funds and ETF’s do a horrendous job protecting people’s capital in difficult environments. Why? They have to be fully invested in good times and bad via prospectus and ETF rules. Standing outside in a Cat 5 hurricane made no sense to me so I created a more DYNAMIC investment approach. Sometimes, the most prudent approach to investing is to reduce equity exposure and protect the portfolio from a large loss.

  • The vast majority of investors have no idea what they own or why they own it. This creates panic when there’s opportunity. I wanted full portfolio transparency so investors knew exactly what they owned and why.