Advisor Brand Assessment: Being Relevant Matters Most

The most valuable, recognizable, and relevant brands are market leaders. Market leaders often have higher revenue growth, superior operating metrics, and significant customer loyalty. These characteristics often lead to superior stock performance for investors. The Financial Advisors that focus on building a highly recognizable and relevant brand should also achieve industry leadership and show strong metrics.

If your goal as an Advisor is to generate strong AUM & revenue growth, be a thought leader in the industry or your community, and have elated clients that provide ample referral opportunities, your brand strength & its relevancy in your target market is key. Taking this quick survey is a great first step. Once the assessment survey is completed we can set up a phone call or meeting to discuss strategies to create or enhance your personal/team brand. Thanks in advance for your participation, I look forward to adding value to you and your team. For professional use only. 

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1. Is the bulk of your AUM fee-based? *
2. Is AUM & revenue growth a key priority or has growth been primarily re-active? *
3. Do your best clients tell your story to others the way you want them to? *
4. Do you communicate with "priority clients" regularly about what you can improve? People avoid conflict at all costs so a proactive approach can be a great opportunity to build deeper ties. *
5. Do your best clients absolutely know how important referrals are to you & exactly what type of client you are focused on? Make it easy for clients and they will make more referrals. Be a referral source for clients too. *
6. Do your best clients know exactly what you stand for aka what your brand means, what your value proposition & differentiation is? This should all be spelled out on website, in brochures,etc. Make sure all communication materials have the same look & design. *
7. Are you considered to be a "thought leader" in your area of focus or industry? It's not who you know, it's who knows you. Consider building a library of content that builds credibility - book, local seminars, media appearances, blogs, podcasts, social media, market or idea newsletters. *
8. Would you consider yourself a Advice "generalist" or "specialist" *
9. Would you consider your overall client service & communications strategy proactive & scheduled or reactive and infrequent? *
10. Do you manage investment portfolios for clients or do you outsource to others including the firms discretionary models? *
11. Do you provide well-researched access to a host of "experts" across typical wealth management categories in a concierge type service? Investors cite strong frequency of communication & value-added services as top reasons for loyalty. *
12. Does the Advice team include front-facing male & female Advisors? *
13. Do the products/services you provide allow you to charge a premium to the industry standard? It's vital that you believe you are driving real value to clients/prospects *
14. Have you built a trusted relationship with your best clients kids and/or other family members to keep the assets captive long-term? Statistics show 80% of Advisors do NOT hold the assets when family wealth passes down to heirs. *
15. Have you created the client/prospect "roadmap" and communication model based on how they want/need to receive information? Use as many metaphors as possible, most investors need examples they can understand. *
16. Would you consider yourself/team to be a "customer obsessed culture" where constant upgrades for consumers is the goal? Make it personal & high touch. *
17. Would you consider your product/service offerings "highly differentiated" versus industry peers? Competition is stiff, differentiated models with high personality fits offer strong loyalty & pricing power. *
18. Do you and/or the team have a constant networking focus for target marketing? Make more friends, join more groups, be a volunteer for themes you are passionate about. *
19. If you had to guess, what is holding you back the most from raising more assets, doing more production, making more money? Choose all that apply *
So we can send you the results and go over potential ways to generate new AUM, revenues and client loyalty, please add your name & email. We will NOT use this email for anything other than our Brand conversations.
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