The single most important thing in the stock market is to KNOW WHAT YOU OWN
— Peter Lynch, Famed Manager of Fidelity Magellan Fund, the top performing mutual fund of its time
The key takeaways for brand owners and brand marketers are: companies that invest in building valuable brands grow their topline faster; and organic top-line growth is the greatest determinant of total shareholder return
— BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands Report 2019

The $40+ trillion Investment Opportunity: Global Consumerism

Billions of people. Trillions in spending. The most relevant brands benefit most.


The U.S. economy is the largest consumer-driven economy in the world with an estimated $13 trillion in yearly consumption capacity. ($18 trillion economy, 72% consumption in 2018 estimate). The leading business to consumer brands benefit from persistent consumer spending. The leading business to business brands that are vital to the consumption supply chain benefit from continued business investment. Together, the most valuable B2C and B2B brands offer a dedicated allocation to the single largest driver of the global economy. BRANDS MATTER


Household consumption accounts for roughly 60% of the roughly $74 trillion in global GDP.

The additional $30 trillion investment opportunity: Wealth Transfer

The largest transfer of wealth in history has just begun, the most relevant brands benefit most.


Here’s some third-party validation from Brand Consulting Firm BrandZ regarding the merit of investing in the strongest brands:


Here’s the results of the BrandZ Strong Brands Portfolio versus the S&P 500 since 4/2006:


Brands Matter

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